Cheia de la interfonul paradisului

I was hanging out at the wizard bar, having a tall glass of pixie dust. Snort! Snort!

This invisible ghost guy came up to me and said nothing. I just ignored that mother fucker.

I checked my gun. It was blank, but it shot real bullets.

There I was, walking down that mystical forest path. The trees were acting weird. Sitting there with their branches and their leaves. “Hm” I thought to myself. You can’t really say much about a thought like that. “Hm”. The trees were barking. That’s wordplay based on tree bark and dog barking. You catch on fast.

A guy with an iron suit was walking by. I asked him to stop and think for a second. He said. He said “I gotta get to work, I’m already late. Gotta slay dragons and whatnot. Meh. It’s a living”. He adjusted his silver tie and golden condom and whatnot and went wherenot.

A fost odată ca niciodată un elev foarte conştiincios şi silitor. Apoi a venit pubertatea peste planeta asta. Fire de păr groase şi tari ca sârma de oţel. Pielea pe oase. I’m having a puberty-related dramatic moment here!


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